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Jim Pape creates unique
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Welcome from Jim Pape, The Artist of Stone and Light

Jim Pape has been a self taught artist and a collector of rocks for over 40 years. The last 20 years he has been perfecting his window, lamp and candle art.

All of the stones and minerals used in his creations are natural, no dyes or heat treating has been applied. The majority of his stones used are from the quartz family, which are called agates or jaspers. Jim prefers agates or varieties of agates because of their translucency. His agates are from all over the world, predominantly Brazil, Mexico, India, Australia, Madagascar, South America and agates from Montana and Arizona. Many of his agates from the United States have been found by Jim, others including outside of the United States have been purchased in the rough form from rock shops.

Jim Pape will take each rock he finds or purchases, cleans them, then examines them for just the right cut. Pieces will be cut approximately 1/8 inch thick. These sliced pieces of agate then must be cleaned and then each stone is tumbled in a large rock tumbler for 6 weeks. Once the stones have been completed in the tumbler they are then inspected for use in his art. Jim keeps only the best and most intriguing pieces to use in his art. Once the art piece is defined as to what is going to be made colors and varieties of agates are very important. Patina colors for the solder define the piece one completed. Small pieces such as candles may have 5 to 30 stones, but the lamp or window art will have several hundred stones.


This stunning work by artist Jim Pape is made of tan agate. Roughly 150 individual pieces utilizing over a 100 different agates were used to create this beautiful lamp shade. The custom lamp base is made with a Natural Yew wood base.

Jim Pape is collaborating with two wood artists, Judd Lotts and Michael Chontos, for his lamp bases and window art frames. These collaborations allow Jim to devote his entire soul into his unique one of a kind art.